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TC Plots

Main plots
Terran plot (Terran Conflict)
Omicron Lyrae (or wherever you start if you're Terran)
Argon rank 1 (Federation Member)
Terran rank 0 (Citizen)

Kha'ak plot (Operation Final Fury)
Omicron Lyrae
Fight 333 (~Veteran 42%) or Argon Patriot start
Argon notoriety 10 (Federation Member 0%)
Split notoriety -10 (Creature 0%)

Hub plot (The HUB)
Boron sectors
Boron rank 8 (King's Knight)
Trade rank 6 (Apprentice Trader)

HQ plot (Bala Gi's Legacy)
6 hours after The HUB is completed

Goner plot (Building the New Goner Temple)
Elysium of Light. 

Aldrin/2.0 Expansion (TREC)
Terran Plot completed
Goner Plot completed
Kha'ak Plot completed
HUB Set 1 unlocked or HQ plot started
Treasure Hunt
Argon or Boron sectors
92 sectors visited
A New Home
Between 2 and 6 sectors from Danna's Chance
Terran Plot completed
Goner Plot completed
Balance of Power
TREC Plot completed

Corporation plots

Terracorp - Home of Light
OTAS - Legends Home
Jonferco - Belt of Aguilar
Plutarch - Ore Belt
Duke's Bucaneers - Unknown 10.16
Atreus Shipbuilding - Queen's Harbour
Strong Arms - Thynn's Excavation


Tormented Teladi plot - wherever the Tormented Teladi start puts you.
Poisoned Paranid plot - ditto.
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